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Atom Fear of the Japanese Empty Atom Fear of the Japanese

Post by matsumoto on Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:51 am

Atom fear of the Japanese

Why are Japanese reluctant of speaking about their fifty-two nuclear plants? And why wont Japan have the nuclear weapons, although it is technologically perhaps world's advanced country? Why are Japanese so worried about U.S. aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk, being replaced with the nuclear powered type?

Japan is the only country that has suffered, and still suffer the effects of atom bomb. During WWII, Japan suffered two attacks of different type of atom bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man. Little Boy was used in Hiroshima, while the latter was dropped to Nagasaki.

Soon after the houses and buildings were destroyed by the strong wind caused by the explosion, came the effects of radiation. Radiation caused malformed babies, cancer, odd diseases, problems of being unable to have children. The people hit by radiation are called hibakushas. There are still many them around. And the effects of radiation will still carry far to the future. Not only hibakushas had to suffer the effects of radiation - but also became discriminated group.

The atom fear of the Japanese can be seen in Japanese character called Godzilla "Gojira". A lizard that is victim of an atomic testing, and mutates into a terrible scyscraper high monster that is furious about stupidity of man kind. It is an obvious mark.

A popular japanese video game series "Metal Gear Solid" displays a battle against futuristic robots that carry nuclear weapons. A quiet protest against atomic energy.

Somehow it strikes us foreigners as a matter of fact that self defence force of Japan wouldn't have atom bomb in their arsenal. But it was actually once, suggested. It got zero votes in parliament.

Still, Japan has 52 atom reactors. Japan can be considered totally dependent on atomic energy. Japan is a very small country, related to it's population. It is approximately similar in land size to Finland. Literally, there is no place to escape if some of its atom energy plants would go haywire. This fear was portrayed well in movie "Akira Kurosawa's Dreams".

Could we say that Japanese have more inner sight from atomic energy than other nations? Every year in Hiroshima, people set lanterns float and make prayers, silent thoughts for the victims of atomic bomb.

Peace Park in Hiroshima gets filled with Japanese who's face has a quiet feeling of sadness. When spoken to, a smile come to their eyes, and they might smile as they usually do. But when left alone, their eyes look into the distance. Feeling the pain of the victims. Some quietly, some protesting against usage of depleted uranium shells in Iraq.

Wouldn't the year 1945 be marked as saddest day of last century on this planet?

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