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Post by matsumoto on Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:13 pm

Konya Hitori no Beddo De (On the Single Bed Tonight) introduces the better side of Japanese drama. Broadcasted by TBS in 2005 october-december, this ten episode romantic drama offers nice characters, and some beautiful (and ever so complicated) romance.

The story begins when designer Akiyuki's half-brother runs off from the altar with young girl, leaving the beautiful glass artist bride Azusa. Akiyuki soon finds Azusa attractive and something starts to warm up between them. And well, Akiyuki happens to be married man.

Konya hitori no beddo de

Konya Hitori no Beddo De Konyab10

Not that this is enough, but also with Akiyuki's wife Yu and his half-brother soon have something going on. Further complications arise when Akiyuki’s close friend Shunsuke and his sister, lawyer Reiko get involved. Akiyuki had something going on with Reiko in the college, it seems.

The drama has a theme of loneliness, and leaves the viewer to guess who will end up with whom.

Unlike typical Japanese TV, this drama does not have exaggerated male figures. Most of the relationships seems revolving around Akikiyuki and his wife Yu. Although at first glance, the character of stereotype designer Akiyuki seems superficial, soon the character will start to get some depth. And soon the beautiful Azusa (Okina Megumi) steals the show with her acting. She is well cast in her part - she has natural depth and she is absolutely from the first sight the most appealing character.

The other characters doesnt seem so deep, and are more like a statistics rather than real, alive, developing factors in the serie.

I have to admit it, I have little problem enjoying any TV-drama despite it's origins. Like any TV dramas, also Japanese dramas have this superficial feel in them, the way how everything is done in a bit of haste, especially the lighting, camerawork and sometimes acting. Another thing I personally don't like is the chewing gum POP music they play, and athough Porno Graffitti's "Yo Bailo" theme song maybe isn't so bad, it is still just another TV-drama's theme song. I get the feel from this that they just made it in haste. Watch the short ten episodes then-forget-it.

However, I have to admit that I was swept by with this series and I was just waiting to see how the story will go, will the Akiyuki get together with Azusa, will his wife find out?

Recommended for Japanese Drama enthusiasts and others interested in Japanese TV entertainment. Sadly this is not much more than entertainment.

Here is the chart of the characters and their relationships to other characters (from TBS site)

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